Founded in 1988, St-Gabriel Dry Kilns’ has a 240,000 bf capacity and runs on electricity with Uraken heat pumps allowing to operate at lower temperatures and maximize the quality of drying. All white woods are slatted with «breezes» blocks and laths. All kilns are powered by a Humijet system that balance and condition stocks, during the drying process and at the end, in order to facilitate their use by manufacturers.

St-Gabriel Dry Kiln are equipped with a Piché automated lath line, which allows to lathe wood upon his arrival and to avoid any staining problems due to delayed lathing.

St-Gabriel Dry Kiln also operates a wood classifier line equipped with saws at both ends, which allows all wood to be sorted after drying according to the needs of its local and international clients.



Located 20 kilometers from Joliette, the Ste-Élisabeth Dry Kiln has two dryers with a total capacity of 130,000 bf. and operate with Uraken heat pumps. Also, Ste-Elizabeth Dry Kiln condition their wood with a Humijet system.

Built on a fully landscaped land with an area of 400,000 sq.ft., there are three buildings with a storage capacity of 28,000 sq.ft. in order to meet the needs of some customers.



In addition to the storage that DMB Forest Products owns on the North shore, an additional warehouse is also available on the south shore of Montreal. DMB Forest Products thus ensure a quick supply at a lower cost, regardless of the location of its customers.



For 10 years, Eric Samson has specialized in wood torrefaction at the Ste-Élizabeth’s facility with an annual capacity of 2,000,000 bf.

Also known as “thermally modified wood,” this method is more widespread in Europe and is growing in Canada and the United States.

This wood is known for its dimensional stability, resistance to fungi, its environmental qualities and its exotic appearance. Mr. Samson will be pleased to answer all your questions in this regard.

DMB Forest Products can sell you quality thermally modified wood quality or put you in touch with Torrefaction Plus for all your projects that require that specific product.